New Books

September 2016


Castillo, Linda                                   Among the wicked

Cavanagh, Steve                              The defense

Coben, Harlan                                  Home

Coulter, Catherine                            Insidious

Cussler, Clive                                    Pirate

Fairstein, Linda                                 Killer look

Finder, Joseph                                  Guilty minds

Gaynor, Hazel                                   The girl from the Savoy

Giffin, Emily                                       First comes love

Harper, Karen                                   The royal nanny

Harris, Joanne                                  Different class

Hill, Clint                                             Five presidents

Jance, J. A.                                         Downfall

Jardine, Quintin                                Private investigations

Johansen, Iris                                    Night and day

Lawrence, Mark                               The liar’s key

Lustbader, Eric van                          Bourne enigma

Moyes, Jojo                                       After you

Moyes, Jojo                                       Me before you

Mullen, Thomas                               Darktown

Overton, Hollie                                  Baby doll

Pearson, Ridley                                White bone

Penny, Louise                                   Great reckoning

Perry, Anne                                        Revenge in a cold river

Robb, J. D.                                         Apprentice in death

Roberts, Nora                                   Bay of sighs (Guardian’s trilogy 2)

Roberts, Nora                                   Stars of fortune (Guardian’s trilogy 1)

Scottoline, Lisa                                 Damaged

Steel, Danielle                                  Rushing waters

Taylor, Patrick                                   A Dublin student doctor

Wiseman, Ellen Marie                    The plum tree

Wiseman, Ellen Marie                    What she left behind

Woods, Stuart                                  Smooth operator



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